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New Book For Professional, Engaged Brides Getting Married Soon

New Book (And FREE Bonuses) Reveals How To Drop Up To TWO DRESS SIZES For Your Wedding Day Without Giving Up Your Wedding Celebrations… 

…Even If You’ve Tried Everything Before!

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Learn this counter-intuitive way to see changes in the mirror without going on a diet, stepping foot on a treadmill, and having fun in the process! 

The book on this page will show you how.

Dear bride, 

Wanna avoid trying the latest crash diet 8 weeks before your big day and put an end to that stop-start cycle of seeing changes and putting it back on again and some more? 

Here’s the secret:

No More Going All In Mon To Fri & Falling Off Track

No more skipping your own engagement celebrations

No more trying to keep up with fast paced workout apps/youtube videos that leave you feeling exhausted & deflated

Just a Simple Book.

Before my own wedding: 

I was constantly chasing my tail with juggling wedding planning, finding a place to live, spending time with my fiancé and in-laws, let alone finding the time to spend the last year with my own family. 

I was feeling burnt out all the time as a result of lowering my calories too much and pushing myself more than I needed to at the gym. I’d tried to be stricter and more disciplined, only to find myself falling off the wagon on weekends.

I had no idea why I was feeling uncommonly unwell when it came to my time of the month. I had a poor sleep schedule which had a knock on effect on my decision-making skills and ability to communicate.

Which, of course meant that I was having arguments with my now husband over the tiniest of things that really don’t matter now, all due to the brain fog I had from eating unhealthy foods as a result of stress eating. 

Fortunately I snapped out of it and was able to: 

Break free from the restrictive dieting and actually start to enjoy the foods I loved and still see incredible changes in the mirror. 

I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt in front of a group of large people at my own wedding. Also, I noticed a drastic improvement in the way my wedding dress fit on the day. 

I was feeling proud, knowing that I had taken the appropriate steps to help set myself up for success for the next chapter of my life. 

My relationships have vastly improved and I am feeling the healthiest, happiest and strongest I’ve ever felt in my life. 

The best part was being able to eat chocolate every day and still stay on track, getting leaner became a part of my lifestyle, and not just another task to tick of my list.

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book And All Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.

The Shredd For The Wed Method Is A SHORTCUT

I found this secret to overcoming the biggest challenges. 

I had a lot of brides reaching out and wanting to understand how they could make it happen themselves.

So in turn, I created 5 Main Pillars which now are The Shredd for the Method was born.

Through shifting my mindset from thinking I needed to lose weight to trying to get as fit, strong and healthy as possible.

I essentially built Pillar #1 An Unstoppable Mindset, so that I was able to push through whatever life threw at me.

Complicating the process only results in feeling overwhelmed and giving up easily - something I of course wanted to avoid.

I soon learnt that the more I tried to 'cut out' foods, the more I craved them, which allowed me to create Pillar #2 The Non-Diet Approach.

Gaining knowledge to educate and empower my decisions to be the best version of myself changed the game. 

Learning about women’s physiology, (which later formed Pillar #3 The Power of Women's Physiology) became a large focus.

It goes without saying that if you learn more about how your body works, you're more likely to be able to work with it, rather than against it.

Learning the patterns, habits and functions inside out are only going to help enhance your overall experience. 

I tossed the restrictive diets, the excessive workouts and focused on getting stronger in the gym through Pillar #4 Easy and Effortless Workouts.

I learnt from the best strength coach and nutritionist.

Next, I started to understand my habits through with Pillar #5 The Neuro-Switch Approach,to help step into the bride and wife I aspired to be.

Fast forward to now, I’m in the best shape of my life,I’m getting stronger day by day, both physically and metnally.

I’m Enjoying All The Pre-Wedding Events, Still Staying On Track And I’m Pushing My Body Past The Limits I’d Previously Put On It.

The proof is in the pudding, check out my own progress pictures. Taken in April 2021 & the after was taken August 2021, just before my own wedding in September 2021.

Other results from using The Shredd for the Wed Method

Check Out What Some Of The Brides Had to Say...

Obviously, I can't promise that you’ll read my book and repeat my results. It does take work and effort like with everything else in life.

It does also depend on your starting point. What I must stress is you need to make this a lifestyle, no amount of quick fixes and diets will do it for you.

Hopefully this book will show you how to make easier changes to your lifestyle for the long run.

I have a tonne of before and after pics of brides i’ve worked with, it wouldn’t be right to use them on this page as those are the results of the clients who’ve worked with me in my programs.

However I’ve taken the methodology and condensed it into a book format for you.

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book And All Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.

Why I Wrote This Book:

  • The reason why I am going to teach you this specific method in my book, is because most brides don’t even know how to get in the best shape of their lives in a healthy way, because of the black hole of information that’s out there already.
  • Having been in different bridal forums, the biggest thing that I noticed when it comes to getting fit, strong and healthy, is that brides go on crash diets, without even realising the repercussions on their internal health - such as menstrual cycles etc.
  • I am obsessed with sharing the idea that brides don’t have to go on a diet, cut out all their favourite foods and stay on the stairmaster for 3 hours of their day to see changes in the mirror.
  • I honestly believe that brides are at such pivotal moment of their lives to create so many incredible changes that will enhance their lifestyle moving forward.
  • I’m on a mission to show brides that getting in the best shape of their lives for the biggest day of their lives doesn’t mean going on a gruelling diet and enduring boring and painful cardio. It doesn’t have to be another thing on your wedding to-do list.
  • I’m trying to spread the message in the wedding industry that it’s not all diet pills and starving yourself.
  • I feel so passionately about shifting the mindset from ‘dieting’ and ‘sweating your ass off’ to drop weight to leading a lifestyle which can result in you being fit, strong and healthy, which completely transforms your life for the better.
  • Since embarking on my own journey of being engaged, it occurred to me that a lot of my decisions were based around what the future would be like, in terms of living arrangements, my family-in-law, and eventually having a future family, which made me really think about my health in the long-term. And, no doubt other brides would be thinking the same thing around what they can do to put themselves in the best position to start the next chapter of their life with their husband on their best foot. 

DISCLAIMER: I have to tell you...results like this are not typical. I’ve been doing this fitness stuff for 7+ years. My clients get incredible results because we work together. Most people don’t put into action what they learn and so they don’t get any results at all. Every health & fitness journey requires hard work and persistence.

But for those who are willing to put in what’s required, I can show you how to transform your life using a simple method that works.


Learn What You Need To Know To Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life, So That You Can Keep The Results Too!

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book And All Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.

The book I have is called The Shredd for the Wed Method because that’s exactly what it is;

A method to kickstart your health & fitness journey in the right direction.

Giving you the tools and skills to help you understand what it takes to get in the best shape of your life and keep the results.

You can buy it if you want.

It’s only £26.99.

If you like it, maybe we could work together, and I can help you in the lead up to your big day and learn all the tools and strategies you need to help you keep these results for your honeymoon, for when you move in with your fiancé, maybe have a family.

Or not.

Either way, it’s a good book that outlines everything you need to get you started.

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover

Inside This Brand New Book:

  • How to figure out where you currently are on your journey, so that we can figure out where you are on your own roadmap to outline the next steps moving forward of what you need to do
  • How to step up and start creating the life of your dreams 
  • The 4 biggest problems facing every bride in today's world and how to overcome them with The Shredd for the Wed Method.
  • Why the ‘push harder & hustle mentality’ is a risky approach to your health these days and how to replace this mentality, to train smarter, not harder. 
  • A simple guide on how to use calories, without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.
  •  The No.1 thing you should focus on when preparing for your own wedding (HINT: It’s not what you’d normally think. It’s how I started to shift my mindset from dieting to leading a healthier lifestyle)
  •  Why complexity is affecting your health and how to replace it with one simple strategy
  • The No.1 thing you should focus on when preparing for your own wedding (HINT: It’s not what you’d normally think. It’s how I started to shift my mindset from dieting to leading a healthier lifestyle)
  • How to make your life easier in the lead up to your big day. (HINT: going alone might not be the right strategy for you - some of my brides have passed over tasks to others with that area of expertise, so they feel less burnt out)
  • I started to break the stop-start pattern by making this one simple change in how I approached getting back on track again.
  • The real reason brides may not be seeing changes in the mirror (HINT: We need to gain a better understand of our physiology to work with our bodies, rather than against them
  • Why you shouldn’t compare your progress to that of your fiancé’s 
  • The Key Ingredidents to Success on your health and fitness journey
  • The lessons from living in 2021 that are getting in the way 
  • How my brides are getting up and going without relying on motivation 
  • 4 major questions brides should ask themselves it comes to starting your own fitness journey
  • How I stopped myself from another major breakdown 
  • The formula I use for myself and my brides to create a physical and mental transformation
  • The Hamster Wheel and how understanding this could stop you from falling into the trap
  • 3 Categories every bride should avoid falling into in order to build strength and confidence.  
  • The #1 problem with the fitness industry and why it’s not doing you any favours
  • How to create your own “mind map” allowing you to set yourself up for success in all areas of your life
  • Creating your vows that guarantees follow through on your goals 
  • The step by step process I use with myself and clients to troubleshoot what’s going on, so that you know what to focus on
  • How to audit your own nutritional status
  • Understanding the fundamentals of nutrition
  • The ‘one rule’ I used to help me have chocolate every day and stay lean
  • How you can adjust your calories, so that you’re no longer skipping desert on weekends
  • The 2 Steps to bouncing back quickly after falling off the wagon on the weekend 
  • What Laran Briden (the naturopathic author) can teach us about menstrual cycles to improve our overall health
  • How to overcome cravings when it comes to your time of the month
  • The #1 problem most male personal trainers miss
  • Working with your menstrual cycle to have a higher chance of staying consistent 
  • How I’m able to spend at the most 45 mins in the gym and still get incredible results
  • The two biggest factors we need to focus on when it comes to the gym
  • Why you shouldn’t be focusing all your efforts doing cardio 
  • The fastest workout you’ll ever do to get you stronger, fitter and healthier (P.s we’re not in the gym everyday) 
  • Why my secret strength training method is better than cardio in the long run (PLUS a breakdown of what a 4-week workout plan should look like)
  • How to build consistency without relying on motivation 
  • How to steer clear from doing well for a good few weeks and then falling off track
  • How I saw immediate improvements with my nutrition, workouts and mindset
  • The biggest thing that gets in the way of brides starting on their own journey and how you can avoid this
  • And a whole ton more…
On the next page, you can decide to add on the Exercise Tutorial Vault and Women's Balance Course I've used for myself and with the brides I work with, if you want to save some time and effort...

...but, as you can see, The Shredd for the Wed Method Book contains everything I think you'll need to understand and implement this method (and a bit more). 

The price of The Shredd for Wed Method Book is just £26.99. 

Your digital copy of The Shredd for the Wed Method will be delivered to your inbox right away, so you can start making healthy changes right away, see results faster and more predictably than any other method we've tried. 

Your purchase today also includes the 5 bonuses. 

I know this seems like a lot of info to take in, but I've done by best to organise The Shredd for the Wed Method so you'll be able to immediately start gaining a better understanding of the small changes you can put in place right away...

...while having an easy to follow blueprint that works, you'll be able to expand your knowledge and empower yourself with the right tools to help you on your way. 

To make sure you have everything needed to understand and implement The Shredd for the Wed Method on your own, I'm also including the 5 bonuses above at NO COST with your order today.

These bonus workshops and templates are designed to compliment what you'll learn inside The Shredd for the Wed Method.

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book & Bonuses to your email

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It Works Even If You're A Complete Newbie At The Gym...

It works even if you don’t have all the time in the world to spend at the gym.

You might be thinking you need to have all the time in the world to meal prep, get to the gym, wake up early and do yoga and take in this knowledge, but actually…

In my book, I share with you the secrets that social media & most trainers don’t share with you on how to make this a lifestyle change, rather than just a quick fix.

That’s why I am super excited to share this BOOK with you today!

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just £26.99

And Get All These Bonuses For FREE...

Easy To Follow Workout Template

A downloadable sheet which lays out how to perform the exercises, and how to track your workouts the most effective way for progress

Making it easy for you to implement everything in the book and getting results.

Beat Your Cravings Cheatbook

A downloadable PDF helping you understand why you get cravings and what to do when they come round.

This PDF gives actionable suggestions as to what you can swap out and add to your way of eating, so that you can stay away from overeating or unnecessary snacking.

The best thing is, it doesn’t suggest in any way shape or form to go on a diet to start eating healthier!

MyFitnessPal & Eating Out Video Series

An easy to follow video series teaching you from the ground up how to utilize MyFitnessPal to your advantage, without the confusion. Everything from creating your own meal plan from scratch to building your own recipes and how you eat out at restaurants whilst still seeing progress. You’ll be able to use these skills for the rest of your life! 

Access to The Private FB Group

You’ll get access to Devina in our private FB group. She’ll be spending a good amount of her time in the group answering any questions and sharing knowledge to help you with your own wedding health and fitness journey. You won’t find the level of support with other like minded brides anywhere else!


5 Day Kick Start Challenge To Turbocharge Results

A 5 Day Kick Start Challenge that is the ultimate breakdown of what you need to know when it comes to starting your own health and fitness journey. Managing your expectations through creating realistic and reasonable goals. Giving you the accountability to follow through with what you set out for.

Get Your Copy Right Now For Just £26.99

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book & Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.

Get The Shredd for the Wed Method + All 5 Bonuses

For Just £26.99

  • A Digital Copy of The Shredd for the Wed Method
  • An Easy to Follow Workout Template
  • A Downloadable Cravings Cheatbook & Recipes
  • MyFitness Pal & Eating Out Meal Planning Video Series
  • Access to the Exclusive Private Facebook Group
  • 5 Day Kickstart Challenge 

Get Everything Above Today

For Just £26.99

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book to your email Plus All 5 Bonuses Listed Above at No Additional Cost.

Our 'No Questions Asked' 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Try the book and bonuses for a full 365 days.

If, for some reason, you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the full £26.99 and you can keep the book.

Just shoot my support staff an email. You don't have to give any reason for your refund.

( and we’ll refund you pronto.

Get Your Copy Of The Shredd for The Wed Method & Bonuses Now

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book & Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.

See you on the inside

P.s. recap of this ultra-long page for those who hate reading:

- How I achieved the body of my dreams for my big day and have been able to keep the results, in the most enjoyable way possible, that seamlessly integrated into my busy bride lifestyle.

It was the easiest method I’ve ever done, and I’ve been doing this for 7+ years. Keeping it super simple and stopping the restrictive diets and excessive workouts has been the best decision I’ve ever made.

For just £26.99 you can get the book I wrote teaching how I did it. Including how to set yourself up for success with a workout structure & how to set up your meals so that you can stay on track during pre-wedding events.

Also, if you get the book today, I’ll throw in 5 extra bonuses. One from me teaching you how to kickstart the process through our Free 5 Day Challenge.

You can try the book and the bonuses for 1 full year. If you don’t like them for whatever crazy reason, I’ll refund you the £26.99.

You'll receive The Shredd for the Wed Method e-Book & Bonuses to your email

One time payment. No hidden fees.


How do I know this is for me?

Question for you: do you want something that’s sustainable, easy to follow and works? If  you replied yes, what you need to do next is super simple...grab my book and not only get access to the proven 5 Shredd for the Wed Pillars, but also personalise the information to your own situation with the bonuses given. 

And, if you don’t like it you have a money back guarantee!

Why’s it better to get this book if I can just look online for help?

Hey, I get it, I know how long you can spend diving down that rabbit hole on YouTube of 'the best workout plan for brides'...

It’ll take hours.

And, I know that you don't have hours to set aside if you're planning a wedding.

With this book, everything is laid out for you. Nobody has specifically created something for brides, to help them understand what they need to do to get on track and actually keep the results.

I totally get it, I understand how difficult it can be to allocate time to finding a workout plan that actually works, allocating time to do your workouts and nto get distracted, allocating time for meal prepping etc., because ofcourse, time is money when you're planning your wedding as you're working to a sort of deadline so to say. 

Can I do this by myself?

You can, but why risk not taking action

If you’re on this page, you’re here for a reason, maybe this is fate

I know myself that I won’t do it. 

That won’t happen this time, this method is designed to work with your menstrual cycle and designed with science to help create momentum and backed 

How do I know this is for me?

Do you want something that’s sustainable, easy to follow and works, grab my book?

And if you don’t like it you have a money back guarantee 

How long will it take to see results? 

You can expect to lose 1/2 -1bs a week, provided you take it seriously and give it a good go.

Unfortunately if you don’t, nothing will happen

Do I really get all these bonuses for free?

Yep you do, it’s to help you implement the principles in the book faster

Is this really just a one time payment? 

Yep, just one payment.

Is this website safe and secure? 

Yes, we use 256 bit encryption on our checkout software.  

What makes this unique?

Having been in the same shoes as you before, trying to juggle worklife balance, planning my wedding, finding time for my fiancé, his family, my family and finding a place to live, I get all the stresses that can come in the way and tackle you as you try to build a healthy lifestyle for when you do go into a new family.

The Shredd for the Wed Method's 5 part framework covers every aspect that helps you get results, including topics such as how to stay on track during your cake tasting etc., relevant to wedding planning AND do it in an enjoyable way, that you no longer dread going to the gym nor see dieting as one more thing on your wedding planning list. 

Why’s this better than anything else out there?

The Shredd for the Wed Method makes it stupid simple to get results.  

You’ll be in control, knowing that you're creating changes as you go through the book and on top of that you're gaining an understanding too of what it takes to actually integrate it into your lifestyle.

This book has been designed so that you can don't need an in-person personal trainer, and empower you to start creating a healthy lifestyle on your terms. 

Is this going to take a lot of effort?

I mean, to get anywhere in life, it will ofcourse require some time and effort.

I do however want to iterate that this book has laid it all out in such a way that you can ditch the boring exercise routines and  work on challenging yourself and working out in such a way that you will actually have fun and on top of that nobody here is asking you tocut out any foods you enjoy.          

Do I need to follow a strict diet? 

Not at all. 

I'd never ask for you to do anything that I don't do myself. 

I'll explain to you in this book how you can integrate foods you enjoy and still see changes in the mirror.

A lot of people don't realise that it's not as complicated as you think, I break it down in such a way that it's easy to understand and also without asking you to completely overhaul your lifestyle.

If you hate counting calories, no problem, we’ve got you sorted! - Feel free to check out the added BONUS: MyFitnessPal & Eating Out Video Series. 

I'm already planning a wedding, finding a place to live, balancing work & life, I don't know if I'll have the time to read all this...Will this take over my life? 

Nope, I’ve worked with women exactly like you, who've planned their wedding, have a busy lifestyle and everything else in between.

I wanted to create an easy to follow method that can integrate easily into your lifestyle and not take over your life. 

After all, this is all a lifstyle change for when you do start the next and biggest chapter of your life and NOT a quick fix.

During this book, I show you how to adapt health and fitness to suit your lifestyle, because you will have similar situations come up in the future.

Why should I get this now, though? 

Let's face it, it’s just £26.99.

Skip the 350 calories Starbucks every week for just one month, which isn’t helping you with your health and fitness goals and actually start to make changes today. 

Wouldn't it be better if you start making changes NOW for not just your big day, but for your future self and your future family?

When is the best time to start living your best life?

Why is it so cheap? 

I wanted to create something that would be beneficial to anyone, and help spread my message too, as I am on a mission to help brides build a healthy lifestyle on their terms, without restricting themselves silly or spending more than they need to in the gym on things that won't help them progress. 

And, I’m sure if you like this, later down the road if you were to consider hiring a coach, there is the option of working with myself and my team - this book is a great way of getting an insight on how things are done.

It’s a win-win situation. 

You're learning and empowering yourself with the right tools and knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life, not just for your big day and I'm spreading the message to brides out there, just like you.

About Your Author

Devina Parmar

I Help Brides Get Fit, Strong & Healthy

For Their Big Day & Beyond

Devina first started out as an in-person personal trainer using what she’d learnt through her qualifications, but started to realize it wasn’t enough to get her clients the results they deserved.

Thanks to her strength coach and nutritionist, and a little research, Devina was able to form a healthier approach to getting in the best shape of her life for her own big day in September 2021.

Devina is the owner of the online company Lean Boss Babe, (now known as Shredd for the Wed), public speaker on different platforms and spokesperson for brides in the fitness industry.

Former clients have said:

“I cannot even begin to put into words how training with Devina has changed my boyfriend has noticed, my friends have noticed...I’ve had such a great boost of confidence and Devina has taught me so much not just in terms of exercise but also lifestyle habits which have helped tremendously change my life for the better.”

When she’s not transforming the lives of brides, Devina enjoys drawing, painting, yoga and reading anything she can get her hands on.

Above all, Devina believes that building a solid foundation for your health comes first, and that it is the glue to holding everything else together.

Every ounce of confidence she’s built from achieving what she once thought was impossible in the gym has filtered to other areas of her life, now allowing her to spread the message of her mission to other brides just like you.

Helping brides feel confident & glowing on their wedding day & beyond

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