Feel Super Confident & Glowing in Your Wedding Dress, For Your Big Day, Your Honeymoon & Beyond

If you ready to completely transform your life  then watch the video below before anything else...


low calorie diets that leave you feeling hungry,

excessive boring cardio,

restrictive diets.

Devina here, let me just get right to it!

Being a bride to be myself, I totally get it, the stresses of planning a wedding, juggling a business and staying on top of your health & fitness.

My goal is to not only help you feel the absolute best on your wedding day, but also be able to keep the results for life!

I’m talking feeling 100% confident in your own skin, wearing your wedding dressnot feeling self conscious when walking down that aisle.

Beaming with absolute pride and joy, because you know yourself you look good, feel good and are going to, for the rest of your life, meeting your future husband at the end of the aisle, who's looking at you SO proud.

I want you to not just look absolutely amazing, I want you to be strong, fit and confident too!  

Well, the Shredd for the Wed Method delivers exactly that. This is the most effective system in the world for getting in the absolute best shape of your life, all on your terms - so that you can feel and look your best on your wedding day AND beyond.


I'm going to help you shape an incredible physique, leaving you feeling full of confidence on your big day, all whilst making the process enjoyable with unlimited support so you can be rest assured that it fits within your lifestyle and planning.

I don't want you feeling stressed out, exhausted and overwhelmed with BOTH the wedding planning and getting your health & fitness back on track again.

Imagine This...

You're getting married...

  • You're effortlessly becoming the healthier, fitter and strongest version of yourself...
  • You're looking & feeling more and more confident in the lead up to your big day... 
  • You're wedding outfit is fitting to a T...
  • You're going to be looking back on photos, feeling  SO happy
  • You've learnt to enjoy foods without feeling guilty,
  • You're on your honeymoon & enjoying yourself as you know you've learnt this happiness through building up these habits 
  • And tonnes more...

Being a bride to be, it can be so difficult to juggle wedding planning and prioritising yourself. 

Working together, we've been able to help her understand what she needs to do to help her get in the absolute best shape of her life, but also beyond.

Her confidence levels have been the most noticeable changes ✨

She's dropped 2 dress sizes and built a tonne of confidence over the time we've worked together!


If you’re sick and tired of not knowing how to transform your body, where you should begin, which nutrition plan you should follow, then let me show you why the Shredd for the Wed is for you.

The purpose of this program is to show you how to lean down and really enjoy the process so that you can maintain the body of your dreams. 

Shredd for the Wed  is structured in 3 simple phases and designed to progressively lock in your transformation.

We’ll be using nutrition protocols proven to help you create long lasting habits that'll serve you not just for the lead up of your wedding, but also during your honey moon (so that you can enjoy yourself and still see results) and beyond that, when you have family events with your in-laws, start the next chapter of your life with your family and so on...

Here's the deal if you...

  • Are okay living an average life and are happy staying stagnant in terms of your progress, not seeing any type of changes in the mirror...
  • Enjoy putting all the effort in and falling off track, to leave you starting your diet over and over again at the start of each week…
  • Want to spend hours doing boring cardio  each day & never actually building your dream body…
  • Are not ready to make changes
  • looking for a magic pill
  • Like going on restrictive diets, that leave you feeling deflated, hangry & annoyed

Then I’ll be honest, Shredd for the Wed, isn’t made for you.

But, if you are someone who…

  • Enjoys the idea of waking up each morning feeling empoweredtoned, and confident
  • Is fed up of trying everything they can and not seeing the results they want
  • Is serious about getting in to the best shape of their life and see it as a lifestyle change, not a quick fix
  • Looks forward to becoming the best version of herself...
  • Is willing to commit to doing whatever it takes…

Joining Shredd for the Wed, is the BEST THING you can for yourself right now!

Take a Look Inside:

My goal is to present the TRUTH about what it takes to build healthy habits & your dream life & body, with a no-nonsense nutrition and training plan. When you join Shredd for the Wed, I’m going to first show you:

  • Uncovering why you don't have to give up your favourite foods to stay fit, healthy & lean
  • Why you could be hitting a wall with your fitness & what do to
  • Setting you up with a plan, that not only serves you up until your wedding day, but for the rest of your life

Shredd for the Wed Nutrition Plan:

I get that different women come to me with different goals, which is why I break down three different strategies for your journey depending on your goals. You may be reading this now and wanting to get rid of the last stubborn extra pounds that have been weighing you down,  or you may want to focus on building muscle tone… Whatever it’s going we will work together to come up with a personalised nutritional strategy just for you:

Training Program

This is when the real fun begins! I’ve created a 3-Phase system to build you into a Lean Boss Bride! Building lean muscle requires two key components.

The first is intensity! Intensity refers to how much resistance you’ll be lifting. In order to build lean muscle, you need to dial in proper intensity. 

The second component is volume and frequency. The goal of the program is about getting you stronger each and every week. In fact, the stronger you get on exercises – the better you look and feel.

With Lean Boss Bride you only need to train 3-4 days a week!

No tireless cardio days, where you feel flat out exhausted!

3 Components to Successfully Reaching Your Goal


We'll look at where you are at the moment. This is going to give us a better understanding of what you're doing at the moment and how we can progress moving forward.


We need to take a closer look at your nutrition, to help you stop feeling guilty when it comes to eating the foods you love. We'll schedule in sessions to go over strategies to help you overcome this.


Without knowing whether the basics are correct, it's difficult to built the foundations for building up your strength & dropping body fat. So, here we'll address your form and technique.

Accelerated Fat Loss

Good news! No more spending time and money on juice diets, weight loss pills and quick-fix workout plans, that just don't work!

This method of accelerated fat loss is so underrated. Something that can easily be integrated in your every day life. No more exhausting burpees/ circuit workouts that leave you feeling drained and tired.

During this part of the program, I’m going to outline the real problem as to why people struggle to burn fat and keep it off… The truth is, our society has become conditioned to think that it is going to take forever to achieve our goals. And there are a hundred coaches out there which will make you feel like you need to compensate for this with hours of daily cardio – luckily for you, that’s not what this program is about.

To put it in the most simplest terms, to burn fat, is to simply increase the amount of calories you burn a day. But, here's the thing, this doesn't necessarily mean that you need to go to the gym twice a day, go for a long run, and cut out the foods you love. The strategies I share with you will encourage a healthy dose of daily activity, getting you to move more, which in turn gets you in touch with your body’s needs!

Are You Ready to Drop Body Fat and Transform Your Body, Just Like These Girls?

Featured Transformation!

UNBELIEVABLE Transformation By Roshni
Here’s a little snippet of her review;

“I’ve 100% gone from working out on cardio machines and not feeling like I’m getting anywhere, to really pushing myself.

 Now, I really look forward to coming to the gym, it’s the part of day where I’m really excited to get in to my gym kit and go!

I’m really seeing and feeling a huge difference! I feel so much healthier too! I’d definitely recommend working with Devina to reach your goals as she really knows how to push you, how to really get the best out of you!”

Even though her wedding happened last year, Roshni wants to make healthier changes for life, and actually see long term results.

We’re working together to build up her confidence in the weights section, to really improve her relationship with food, and help her show up every single day like the absolute boss that she is 🥰

She came to me with the goal in mind of feeling comfortable in her wedding saree (dress) and hearing updates month or so on her fitting going well, as in she’s had to have a refit of her blouse has been so fulfilling!

Not only will you be getting all the tailored workouts that you need, but also all the informative videos to help you build long lasting habits, that'll serve you for life, no quick fixes here, your nutritional protocols, so that you know exactly what to eat without giving up the foods you love, unlimited support from me, so that you can't fail, I'll be with you every single step of the way.

This new program is a game-changer, and I’m 100% confident that you are going to transform your life & body, just like Roshni was able to.

INSANE Transformation By Becca

Before starting with me, Becca was really struggling to enjoy exercise, she’d be doing cardio (which she hated). ⁣
She thought she was eating healthy, and doing all the right things that you’ve been told to do, to be able to lose weight and tone up. ⁣

She initially came to me, because she wanted to be able to change things up in the gym, get the most out of her sessions, feel confident and sexy again (which she so does now)⁣

Since starting with me⁣
✨ her confidence has absolutely soared ⁣
✨ she doesn’t feel like she’s dying when going up the stairs ⁣
✨ she’s been able to actually understand how she can eat what she loves and stay in shape⁣
✨ she doesn’t feel guilty for having a cheeky chocolate bar here and there⁣

And MY OH MY - she’s looking absolutely incredible.⁣
Before she started, she was trying on wedding dresses, and it didn’t fit as well as she would have liked it to, but she tried on her wedding dress before all this started and said it fits her perfectly now! 

Invest in Yourself

The secret to leading a successfully healthy lifestyle, is trusting the process and wanting to invest in yourself.

Now, I share over 100 hours of free content, emails, posts and yet only 5%, maybe even less of those who read and apply the information have become the greatest client transformations and have done everything I've asked of them and more to get their results. 

Ultimately, an investment in anything, let alone yourself, shifts your focus, it's more than just results. It helps build the foundations of the next chapter in your life, going from building an unstoppable level of confidence on your wedding to creating that momentum throughout your honeymoon and keeping all the results throughout your next chapters of your life with a new house, family, job, whatever you want!

I’m inviting you to make a commitment to yourself. Shredd for the Wed is a proven system, that I've used on myself and the bride to be I've worked with, to help them drop the body fat and sculpt and define their muscles, all whilst loving the process.

All you need to do is show up and trust the process.

Since I cracked the code, found the most enjoyable way of doing this, I wish for  everyone who wants to build their dream body to experience the same feeling of accomplishment and proud moments when they see their dreams coming true.

My question is - Are YOU Ready?

If you have any resistance on deciding whether or not this program is the right tool for you to transform your body…

I’m leaving you no excuses! Here’s why, let’s take a quick recap at what you experience when you join Lean Boss Bride Coaching…

  • Firstly, I get it, with all the information out there it can be so overwhelming, so we'll be setting the record straight for you
  • Get access to your own personal nutritional protocols, designed to help you MASTER motivation & stop you from feeling guilty from eating the foods you love
  • You get the FULL tailored Shredd for the Wed  training program each month for a strong, fit & healthy body
  • Watch each and every workout FULLY DEMONSTRATED 
  • Tune into powerful video recordings hosted by myself
  • Receive exclusive program bonuses to get you on track in every area of your life (from mental to social!)
  • Be part of the most uplifting and positive community & masterminds 

Everything listed above is waiting for you inside Shredd for the Wed, along with an opportunity to join the Mastermind to get an extra powerful & personalised push along the way...

All of this and more is available right now!

These Women Transformed Their Bodies With My Coaching

If you're still unsure - Listen up Girl!!

I’ve been coaching clients over 5+ years now, which means I have FULL CONFIDENCE in my ability to help you build your dream body. Not only that, I understand now exactly what makes my clients tick…I've been there myself, I know what it's like. 

Planning a wedding, work-stress, planning-stress...I get it.

I've had all the limiting beliefs, hit all the plateaus, and if you’re having trouble targeting a specific muscle group, sticking to the right nutrition plan, or struggling with motivation – we will work together to create realistic goals that won't leave you overwhelmed. That will actually help lay the foundations for creating long lasting success.

Like I said above, this isn’t an investment in me… I already know what I bring to the table and have proved it with tonnes of real testimonials.

This is an investment in yourself. 

If you’re ready to…

  • Feel confident AF when walking down the aisle
  • Beaming with delight in ALL wedding photos
  • Drop the guilt on your honeymoon & enjoy every minute in your bikini on the beach
  • Never do a diet ever again
  • Completely transform your life & those around you

Then joining The Shredd for the Wed Method

is an absolute no-brainer!

The Results I've Consistently Produced for Clients is Why I 100%

Believe Shredd for the Wed

 is capable of delivering astonishing results 

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